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Hello My name is Eric, most of my clients called me “Uncle Eric” for all the kids I trained. I’m  a NYC native who was a Certified Personal Trainer/ Fitness Coach for 5 years. Currently I am an Accounts Payables associate Full time in NYC.

I started “Torch n Trim” in 2012 when thinking about how successful my “June Balloon” Outdoor Boot Camp classes were becoming and miraculously just starting out with 4 members. This class pertained to the members participating in exercise drills in the city parks and recreational centers using resistance bands, a sand bag or bell, some mats for core training and their own body weight. Boy I was dedicated to helping people lose weight and achieve their fitness goals.

While training with a member focused attitude and just simply correcting the participants posture,  I thought that I could start something worth while  as I continued for several months  not only “Training but Teaching” the participants how to perform the movements with out me (some what like home work for them) in the comfort of their own home if not the gym.

Low and behold the members, who were an aspiring kick boxer, a single mother of 3 and 2 college students  at the time, continued to perform the movements (mostly primitive in nature) themselves and incorporated it into their daily routines. If I’m allowed bragging rights, I must say, that all of them have gone on after me to continue to maintain their desired weight goals
and levels of physical fitness.

In 2014 I suffered from an injury to the groin r/l  inguinal area, that put me out of commission being that I am up there in age (How old , I wont say. LOL). After surgery I got discouraged and gained alot of unhealthy weight myself and did not return to the hands on training that I once loved so passionately, instead I grew depressed and couldn’t pull myself out of that funk.

Fast forward, an old client of mines reached out to me after about a year or so to give me some  business cards she had personally ordered for me as a token of her appreciation of me helping her lose 17 pounds  and tried like hell to find me and give them to me. When she did locate me through social media, something awaken in me again and I  began promoting health and fitness another way. I lost my unwanted weight and got back to business!

Yes, that’s right , ONLINE!

Today the weightlossworld website is designed to help people of all ages and backgrounds find what they need to obtain and maintain optimum health.

So you see, I am still doing what I love to do, which is help people meet their goals and continue in the War on Obesity, War on Cancer, Diabetes, Parkinson’s, the War on Bullying and so on……… only difference now is I am reaching out to them all right from my own living room now.

So my friends, If you are  interested in Weight loss, finding your perfect work out routine to follow or perfect health product to use, diet plan, available yoga class , cardio boot camp or tuff mudder obstacle course to register in etc. etc…. then this is the site for you.

Come join the fight for life at http://weightlossworld.siterubix.com
Or just stop by and leave a comment or suggestion
I would love to here from you.


Uncle Eric.